textdecodebase64 Function

textdecodebase64 function decodes a string that was previously Base64-encoded, and then interprets the result as characters in a specified character encoding.

OpenTofu uses the "standard" Base64 alphabet as defined in RFC 4648 section 4 (opens in a new tab).

The encoding_name argument must contain one of the encoding names or aliases recorded in the IANA character encoding registry (opens in a new tab). OpenTofu supports only a subset of the registered encodings, and the encoding support may vary between OpenTofu versions.

OpenTofu accepts the encoding name UTF-8, which will produce the same result as base64decode.


> textdecodebase64("SABlAGwAbABvACAAVwBvAHIAbABkAA==", "UTF-16LE")
Hello World

Related Functions

  • textencodebase64 performs the opposite operation, applying target encoding and then Base64 to a string.
  • base64decode is effectively a shorthand for textdecodebase64 where the character encoding is fixed as UTF-8.