sensitive Function

sensitive takes any value and returns a copy of it marked so that OpenTofu will treat it as sensitive, with the same meaning and behavior as for sensitive input variables.

Wherever possible we recommend marking your input variable and/or output value declarations as sensitive directly, instead of using this function, because in that case you can be sure that there is no way to refer to those values without OpenTofu automatically considering them as sensitive.

The sensitive function might be useful in some less-common situations where a sensitive value arises from a definition within your module, such as if you've loaded sensitive data from a file on disk as part of your configuration:

locals {
  sensitive_content = sensitive(file("${path.module}/sensitive.txt"))

However, we generally don't recommend writing sensitive values directly within your module any of the files you distribute statically as part of that module, because they may be exposed in other ways outside of OpenTofu's control.


> sensitive(1)
(sensitive value)
> sensitive("hello")
(sensitive value)
> sensitive([])
(sensitive value)